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After raising capital and creating a product the next most important priority for Founders is scaling revenue.  In Business to Business companies that is much easier said than done.  It all seemed simple when describing the Sales & Marketing approach in the business plan, however, making it happen in the real world is much more challenging.  Experimentation in Product Development is one thing, competing in today’s competitive global marketplace is quite another.  A few missteps and you can set your company back years or place the entire venture at risk.


G2 Strategic Advisory Services has proven experience scaling revenue for SaaS companies and knows the pitfalls to avoid.  If you’ve already begun your efforts we will conduct Discovery interviews to understand where your company is to date, identify gaps and introduce strategies and programs custom designed for your company’s market focus and strategic objectives to achieve higher scale.

If you have yet to begin marketing and selling your product we will work with you to design and build a Revenue Scale “Machine” containing the functions below to achieve the targets you’ve set.  If you need help managing and / or staffing it, we will deliver that for you as well.

Lead Generation  Revenue Sales Operations
Strategic Targeting Web, Inside, Field Channels Quote to Cash
Sales Development Teams SMB, Midmarket,Enterprise Sales Compensation
Web Inbound Presales & Postsales Orgs CRM / Sales Forecasting
Max ROI from Events Alliances Sales Management
Account Based Marketing Customer Renewals Sales Enablement

Our custom Program will pull from current best practices and over two decades of successful technology industry sales and marketing experience in small, medium and large companies. Our Founder and Principal, Dave Govan, is an award winning sales leader. Dave has developed highly effective sales processes that blended the use of technology with management science and the art of selling to adjust to changes in the market.  Dave’s methods have proven very successful within new and established technology companies.

  • Creation / Optimization of all critical Revenue Generation Functions
  • A Systematic and Repeatable Process for Lead Generation, Opportunity Management, Quote to Cash, Customer Success and Renewals
  • Increased Market Share
  • Higher Revenue Growth

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