Business Challenge

Finding, qualifying, managing and closing additional opportunities can be a challenge. There never seems to be enough internal resources to apply to sales pipeline expansion. Many companies look to outsource so therefore the market is flooded with hundreds of lead generation vendors.  This hardly ever works because these vendors are not capable of producing what technology companies need, which is more closed opportunities not just more leads.  They lack sufficient technology industry sales experience and sales skills necessary to target at a sufficient level of specificity or perform adequate qualification to identify real leads versus general contacts. Some vendors look more appealing because they claim to be pay for performance based.  However, they end up charging you for generating “sales meetings” for your sales force that go nowhere because they are not connected to an opportunity.  Others simply flood you with a high volume of leads that go nowhere.


G2 Strategic Advisory Services offers Rapid Deployment Contract Sales Teams.  Our Sales Teams generate incremental closed opportunities for your company not just hundreds of leads that never make it into your sales pipeline.  We accomplish high performance results for you by leveraging our extensive technology industry direct sales experience to find and close opportunities for your company.   We start by analyzing your market opportunities and selecting points of entry in the market that are likely to yield higher results.  We then utilize state of the art prospecting technologies to identify and communicate with communities of prime suspects.  We follow an effective process that involves email and telephone pursuit of prime suspects.  Our methods reach more qualified prime suspects who are more likely to be interested in your products.  We then monitor our activity for effectiveness through the use of email and web analytics and make adjustments accordingly.  Analytics also help us prioritize our follow up based on actual email and web site activity.

  • Increased sales
  • Increased pipeline of sales opportunities
  • Better qualified opportunities
  • More professional, concise and effective prospecting content
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