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Research findings indicate that in good and bad economic climates fifty percent of enterprise sales professionals fail to achieve their annual quotas year in and year out.  Perhaps it is because direct sales has become more challenging as more technology companies compete for the same budget dollars.  The internet has also changed how buyers find vendors, evaluate products and explore competitive alternatives. We believe that changes in the marketplace are driving the need for changes to optimize sales models to ensure sales organizations are operating at the highest level of effectiveness.


G2 Strategic Advisory Services offers a high impact sales optimization service for overcoming the above challenges.  Our engagement is simple yet comprehensive.  First, we conduct interviews and review your existing process and content.  Next, we assess your current state by reviewing the following areas:

Sales Deployment Lead Generation Sales Development
Channel Development Sales Methodology Team Selling
Hierarchical Selling Opportunity Management Demo Improvement
Customer Success CRM Forecasting Forecast Reviews
1 on 1 Coaching Account Planning Account Management
Sales Compensation Sales Recognition Training

After we complete our review process, we make detailed recommendations for improvements in your sales function.  Our recommendations pull from current best practices and over two decades of successful technology industry sales and marketing experience in small, medium and large companies. Our Founder and Principal, Dave Govan, is an award winning sales leader. Dave has developed highly effective sales processes that blended the use of technology with management science and the art of selling to adjust to changes in the market.  Dave’s methods have proven very successful within new and established technology companies.

  • Lower Costs
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Lead Volume
  • Improved Opportunity Management
  • Improved Win Rate
  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Morale
  • Metrics based Sales Management
  • More Accurate Sales Forecasting

If you are still asking yourself any of these questions then we can help you.

What’s the best way to generate leads?

How can I best leverage technology in my prospecting efforts?

How do I deal with this difficult account?

How can I better qualify my opportunities?

How can I improve my forecast accuracy?

Why are my opportunities stalling?

How can I increase my sales volume?

How can I increase my deal size?

How can I better manage my opportunities?

How do I improve my closing skills?

How can I improve my win ratio?

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