Many leaders lack concise information to proactively manage sales performance issues or predict their quarterly sales outcome. Unfortunately there always seems to plentiful data in your CRM / Forecasting system but it is still difficult to obtain an accurate view of your trajectory or of any issues. Further, Sales Professionals often get conditioned to enter place holders in an “Upside” category in their forecast and lack the necessary focus on those aspects of the opportunity which need further qualification. Individual performers and managers often lack timely visibility into how they are performing on a weekly basis relative to achieving their Quarterly goal. They typically have general knowledge but they can’t often link their status to key performance metrics to see what they need to be doing now to affect their Quarterly outcome. In some cases this lack of visibility hides some of the underlying performance issues such as low sales call volume. And low sales call volumes are linked to small pipeline sizes which are linked to lower quarterly sales, etc. The Sales profession is badly in need of increased collaboration between Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals. It may be one of the only functions in a company where qualitative aspects of performance are overlooked because managers try to blend performance coaching into forecast reviews.

Our Approach

At G2 Strategic Sales Advisors we are helping Sales Management by combining management science with the art of sales. Our unique Sales Success Planning approach establishes a process for improved sales performance coaching. First, we empower all the Sales Professionals in your organization to take responsibility for an individual Success Plan increasing the awareness of how well they are tracking against their quantitative and qualitative goals. Secondly, we empower Sales Leaders to provide biweekly 1 on 1 coaching to assist their teams, monitor performance, and make adjustments. Success Planning does not replace your current forecasting system it complements it and even makes it more effective.

After spending time to understand your sales environment we design Sales Success Planning Dashboards for each member of your sales organization. The Dashboards contain three worksheets; a Current Quarter Sales Success Plan, an Annual Sales Success Plan, and a Qualitative Metrics Success Plan. The Dashboards are easy to use and simple to understand. Each person in your sales organization takes responsibility for populating and tracking their own performance data and therefore is fully empowered and aware of their own performance. Everyone has complete visibility of their own key performance indicators.

We then work with your Sales Managers to establish frequent 1 on 1 coaching meetings blending our dashboards in with their own coaching techniques. Sales Success Plans enable coaching to become an objective fact based conversation instead of a subjective conversation full of speculation by both parties. A quick review of the Quarterly Dashboard will provide both Manager and Sales Professional with a timely view of an individual’s performance trajectory, followed by a discussion of the achievement status of the other aspects of performance such as Lead Generation, Prospecting, Account Strategies, Customer Relationships, Resource Planning, etc. If needed we can also assist you by introducing our Dashboards in an empowering way to your Sales Professionals so they can see how Success Plans can be used to increase their Sales Commissions.

Why Sales Success Plans from G2 Strategic Advisory Services?

Our Founder is the originator of Sales Success Planning, an approach that has proven itself time and time again in both small and large companies. In one example, after using our Sales Success Planning process, the sales organization of a division of a Fortune 1000 technology company produced record sales results at twice the compounded annual growth rate of the industry. While anyone can design a dashboard, our value add is transforming your sales organization to become a proactive, high performance, sales organization. Our Sales Success Planning process will enable you to better align the focus of individual Sales Reps with the goals of the company. If you need to improve forecast accuracy, increase average sales size, increase cross selling, or increase sales productivity, let us design an easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to implement, Sales Success Plan with the key performance indicators that are important to your own business.

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