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Finding, staffing and retaining successful technology sales professionals is no easy task.  A prominent Industry Analyst estimates that fifty percent of enterprise sales representatives fail to achieve their quotas each year. One of the largest software companies in the world has an annual attrition rate of nearly 40% in their sales organization. Technology companies spend a significant amount of time trying to fill sales positions and often get behind on their revenue plans due to staffing delays.  Unfortunately, sales recruiting efforts often result in a mismatch between the employee’s skills & prior experience and the requirements of their new job assignment.  Since most traditional recruiters have never worked in a technology sales organization, candidate screening is performed at a general level and candidates are recommended for positions they are unlikely to succeed in.  An example of this issue is when a candidate whose prior work experience is limited to only large technology vendors yet is placed in an early stage company.


G2 Strategic Advisory Services offers a recruiting project management service to help you make your recruiting efforts more successful.  We either work with a Recruiter you have selected or provide you with a Recruiter.  We then leverage our real world experience, extensive database of professionals, and utilize our unique candidate screening and interviewing process, G2’s Candidate Hiring Evaluation Matrix©, CHEM©, as in “Chemistry” between candidates and companies was created by Dave Govan in the year 2000 and is described in his 2009 book, Crisis In The Enterprise.  CHEM© helps ensure candidates are aligned with your unique recruiting requirements.


  • Avoid mismatches and bad hires in sales
  • Staff higher caliber sales talent
  • Reduce the time you have to spend on recruiting
  • Increase the effectiveness of your sales organization by ensuring you have the right people in the right jobs
  • Working with our team will feel like you have hired high caliber sales leaders just for your sales staffing needs
  • Leverage over two decades of hands on successful sales staffing and deployment experience in emerging and established companies.
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