Many emerging companies who rely on sales channels to market their product are not satisfied with their sales results. In fact a well known Industry Analyst’s research findings indicate that fifty percent of enterprise sales professionals fail to achieve their quotas in a given year. To further complicate the situation buyers are evolving at a rapid pace leaving many sales and marketing organizations playing catch up. The internet has changed how buyers find products as well as their attention span. At G2 we believe that evolution in the market place is driving the need for adaptation in Sales Deployment Models, Lead Generation, Integration with Web Marketing, Sales Forecasting, Sales Training, and many other areas as well. Sales Professionals today need to be better trained and laser focused to provide the highest quality buying experience possible. Otherwise, the time it takes to locate competitive alternatives has been reduced to seconds. Unless companies adapt their sales organizations to changes in the market place things are going to get even worse.

Our Approach

Our review of your sales process begins with a detailed interview process to understand how well you are operating and adapting to changes in the marketplace. Leveraging over two dozen years of experience we are able to efficiently review the most important aspects of your current state. Sample areas we review are; Sales Deployment, Effective Lead Generation, Closed Loop Marketing Programs, Sales Channel Development, Sales Methodology, Pre Sales, Post Sales, Forecasting, Forecast Reviews, Win/Loss Reviews, 1 on 1 Coaching, Account Planning, Account Management, Opportunity Planning, Training, Sales Compensation, Sales Recognition Programs, and Contract Management, etc. After reviewing these areas we make specific recommendations to optimize your Sales organization.

The following is an example of a recommendation that increased Forecast Accuracy by over 50% in a direct sales organization.

Business Issue: Forecast Accuracy – too many opportunities slip from one Quarter to the next.

Root Cause(s): Lack of forecast discipline at Rep level and Manager Level in regard to qualification of opportunities within a particular quarter. All Upside opportunities were treated as fully qualified for current quarter which is not possible.

Corrective Action (s):

1. Established consistent Opportunity classification and divided Upside category into two sub categories. i.e. Qualified Upside, and Unqualified Upside.

2. Directed Sales Leaders to scrutinize Upside Opportunities and manage their Sales Teams to ensure Forecast discipline.

Why G2 Strategic Advisory Services?

Our service delivers a concise assessment of your sales process with specific recommendations for operational execution from an executive level viewpoint in the shortest period of time possible. Our recommendations are based on over two decades of successful, in the game, sales and marketing experience in small, medium, and large companies. We are Industry Executives interested in helping as many small businesses as possible to get on the path to success. Our Founder was an award winning sales professional at two market leading companies. He developed innovative sales management techniques out of the necessity to adapt to changes in the market. His techniques combine management science with the art of selling and have proven successful in emerging companies and turn around assignments in established companies. We are now on a mission to transfer his knowledge and experience to you through our service

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