If you are a technology company who could use help learning how to better screen sales management or sales staff candidates or if you are struggling to achieve your revenue targets because you have sales representatives who are under performing. A prominent Industry Analyst estimates that fifty percent of enterprise sales representatives fail to achieve their quotas each year. It’s not just small companies either. A leading software company has an annual sales attrition rate of nearly 40%. We believe sales performance issues result from one or more of four problems; flawed marketing strategy, a mismatch between the employees skills and experience relative to their job assignment, poor sales execution, or incompetent sales skills. Resolution can be achieved by attracting new talent as well as gaining an objective assessment of your existing human capital, making sure assignments are staffed with the right level of experience, and taking a more disciplined approach to sales staffing. G2’s Human Capital Assessment services will provide you with an objective perspective on your sales staff and candidates to increase your odds for achieving success.

Our Approach

At G2 we first get to know your team and your business and then assess their fit against your current and future needs. We work with you to create concise job specifications for each of your open sales assignments. We create a detailed list of evaluation criteria for you to use to measure a candidate’s relevant work experience, skills, and attributes. We provide you with a unique and very effective weighted Candidate Evaluation Matrix to be used by your internal or external recruiters when screening Candidates. If you are interested we can also provide quality assurance interviews of your final candidates. G2’s approach will provide you with knowledge transfer to teach your organization how to ensure existing and future sales team members are aligned with your go to market strategy and the specific needs of your business.

Why G2’s Human Capital Assessment Service?

G2’s approach leverages over two decades of hands on successful sales staffing and deployment experience in emerging and established companies. While other approaches mistakenly assess or screen at too general a level, G2’s approach will ensure you have the right people in the right jobs and are considering the right candidates. Our unique Candidate Evaluation Matrix will identify the unique characteristics of each of your sales assignments and establish focus on a candidate’s experience relative to your specific needs. We examine their product experience relevant to your product, prior training, competitive environment sold into relevant to your competition, customer industry experience relevant to your focus, past company size relevant to your company size, and their rolodex as it pertains to the open territory or account assignment you are trying to fill. G2’s Human Capital Assessment Service will increase the effectiveness of your sales organization by ensuring you have the best people in the right jobs.

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