“The strategic guidance G2 Strategic Advisory Services provided to one of our SaaS clients has been invaluable. We have benefited tremendously by leveraging his critical thinking capabilities. His overall input on the strategic direction operating plan has been incredibly helpful. Dave is also a very open and positive individual who collaborates well at all levels in an organization. I highly recommend Dave as a strategic advisor for Boards of Directors and CEOs.” Marybeth Lynch, Management Consultant

“G2SAS are true subject matter experts in business to business sales and marketing. Their hands-on experience “carrying the bag” and as leaders of software sales teams uniquely positions them to develop and implement customized and effective go-to-market strategies. I highly recommend G2SAS and also Dave Govan’s book, “Crisis in the Enterprise.”  Edward Samson, CEO, Basic6, Inc.

“Our engagement with G2 Strategic Advisory Services provided tremendous insight into how our competition was using online marketing and resulted in excellent recommendations to further optimize our sales & marketing approach.”  Ron DiBiase, Vice President of Sales, Aruba Networks

“We retained G2 Strategic Advisory Services to assist one of our portfolio companies in analyzing market opportunities for its technology and developing a strategy to go to market. Working with the Board, management and their vast network of contacts in the technology community G2 quickly analyzed the Company’s technology, people and market opportunities. G2 quickly identified deficiencies in the Company’s strategy and enabled us to take immediate corrective action and save months of effort and significant investment while building consensus among management and the board. We were so impressed with G2 that we immediately engaged them to work with another of our portfolio companies.”  Mike Stubler, Managing Director and co-founder of Draper Triangle Ventures, an affiliate of Draper Fisher Jurvertson

“G2 Strategic Advisory Services provided insightful strategic guidance to a company where I am Chairman of the Board and outlined a process by which its technology could be matched up with market opportunities. G2 quickly developed an understanding of the company, its technology, its people, and the markets in which the company’s technology could be deployed. G2 were easy to work with, focused, energetic, and cooperative. Their written result was crisp and easy to understand, yet full of thorough analysis and recommendations. G2 provided great value and I would work with them again.”  Jonathan Murray, Managing Director, Early Stage Partners

“I engaged G2 Strategic Advisory Services to review our go to market strategy. I found their methodology to be comprehensive and their assessments to be highly insightful. I was impressed by the breadth and depth of their knowledge of the enterprise software and information security market, which they willingly transferred to us throughout their engagement. We enjoyed G2’s collaborative approach and felt a true sense of partnership from them. G2 completed the engagement on time and on budget. We are now implementing enhancements that they recommended and plan to continue working with them as the company grows.”                       Patrick McGregor, Ph.D., Alphabet, Inc., former CEO and Co-Founder, BitArmor Systems, Inc.

“G2SAS has been very instrumental in helping guide our companies, particularly on the sales and marketing side. With respect to one particular company in our portfolio, Dave dove in when we needed him to and essentially pulled together and fully implemented a SaaS software strategy and sales platform, which was critical to our mid-summer fundraise, SaaS sales ramp up, and consequently the eventual sale of the company. We would highly recommend Dave and G2 to anyone seeking to bring clarity, vision and process to the marketing and sales aspects of their organization.” Craig Gomulka, EIR

“I am the CFO of a publicly traded software company. We needed to staff a VP of Sales, however, we were not satisfied with the quality of candidates we were seeing. After engaging G2 Strategic Advisory Services everything changed for the better. G2 worked with us to establish a list of relevant criteria for our company and referred a strong external recruiter to source candidates to us. G2 screened the Resumes and recommended candidates for us to interview. After we came back with a short list of final candidates G2 provided Quality Assurance interviews and made a final recommendation and we hired the person. G2 taught me a lot about hiring a Sales VP including more insightful questions to ask candidates and warning signs to avoid. I was very pleased with G2’s Human Capital Assessment and would hire them again.”  CFO, Proginet, Inc.

“I hired G2 Strategic Advisory Services to review our go to market strategy for our VOIP solution. I was amazed by the speed upon which G2 analyzed our situation, uncovered issues, assembled an impressive think tank to validate assumptions and produce new ideas for marketing our solution. The net result was nothing less than saving us from a strategy that was failing and replacing it with a completely different Web 2.0 strategy that looks like it is going to produce very strong results.” I was so impressed by G2’s work that I have retained them on an ongoing basis to lead strategic marketing for us ”  Early Stage VOIP Software Company Founder & CEO




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